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History of the Garden Club

The Tyngsboro Garden Club was started by Deb S. and Lynda G. in 1983.  It began as an "off shoot" of the Newcomers Club formed in Debbie's neighborhood when the homes were built.  The inception of the club was a way for the gardeners to get together and discuss various flower gardens and plantings. The meetings were held in members homes in the beginning.  As the membership grew, the members met at the Little Angels Preschool,  the Recreation Center on Westford Road and now meet in the hall below the Evangelical Congregational Church. 

Current Members Include:

 Joan A.

Sue B.

Denise B.

Nancy B.

Ann C.

Marie C. 

Jeanne D.

Chaz D.

Paula F.

Elaine F.

Lynda G.

Bill G.

Peggy G.

Audrey I.

Jean J.

Stephanie L.

Diane L.

Pricilla M.

Pauline M.

Bernie M.

Mary O.

Ellen O.

Debbie S.

Linda S.

Carol S.

Sue W.

Vivian Y.

Myriam Z.